Tips to consider before buying a new wood router

wood router

If you are a fresher to wood working projects or if you are experienced enough to take up more advanced projects, then you are in a position to select a right wood router which perfectly suits your needs. Both the fresher’s and experienced use wood router for basic or advanced drilling, cutting and shaping wood materials. Check ToolsDuty to select the best router suitable for your needs.

How to choose Routers?

  1. If your work needs only lesser power and capacity, then you can go for trim routers which have lesser horsepower which are suitable for doing edge works. This router is mostly used by craftsmen for trimming purposes.
  2. If your work is of medium range at your house or workshop, then you can go with Mid-sized routers which can handle more works since it is not too small.
  3. If you are experienced and have to do elegant and sharp works then you must go with these full sized routers which are usually much bigger than the other routers and you cannot operate this freely with your hands because of its heavy weight. So it must be fixed on a mounting table for using it more efficiently. For further clarifications on buying a new router click ToolsDuty
  4. Based on its base, these routers are of three types and each has its own role to perform in projects.wood router
  5. If you are in need of maintaining a fixed bit level, then fixed base router is the best choice. If you have to move the bit for edge works, then the height base can be changed to move accordingly. The best thing with this router is that even if you unknowingly pressed it hard, the height of the bit will never get changed since it is fixed.
  6. This fixed base router mounted on a table is the best for a fresher who is involving in simple tasks like straight cuts, edge cuts and moulding.
  7. If you are a fresher and want to make deep cuts, and perform some interior work, then Plunge bases will be your best choice. This plunge bases provide wide features than the fixed base routers.
  8. When in need of using both the fixed and plunge base types in the same wood piece, then you can buy interchangeable base router which saves your money and time.