Where to Use Bitcoin?

Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a widely accepted cryptocurrencies available in the market at a time of writing. From the online merchants to the brick-n-mortar stores, there are a lot of service providers that have started accepting this currency bitcoin all along with the fiat currency (that is regular currencies like USD, AUD, EUR and INR). If you are looking to invest in bitcoin then you have to update yourself with the current bitcoin price by watching bitcoin news. You may use bitcoin to buy many products or services like the following:

  • Flights or travel amenities. Expedia, the largest travel agencies of the world, enable users to pay for travel with bitcoin.
  • Casinos – Some casino online are anonymous and allow you to play with the bitcoin.
  • Electronics, software or gear. Newegg, Microsoft, and Dell accept bitcoin payments.

Besides these big-names and brands, many smaller merchants or service providers also accept bitcoin. Purchasing cryptocurrencies, something highly established as bitcoin, doesn’t come without the risks like we saw in third quarter of the year 2017 after refusal of China to accept bitcoin that caused its value to take the hit, though certain expect bitcoin to regain the previous upwards momentum.

Ways to get bitcoin

Sending or receiving bitcoin is the simple procedure providing you have set up 2 things:

Account on the digital currency exchange – There’re a lot of currency exchanges accessible on internet where you can buy bitcoin. You can check out the currency exchange for information over how to select the right one for your requirements.