A few advantages of using Proxy Server

advantages of using Proxy Server

A proxy server works as a hub between a web browser and the target website. It not only handles request but also does anonymous browsing, domain response and bypass security systems.

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Go through the following to know more advantages of a proxy server:

  • Anonymous browsing – The first and foremost benefit of the proxy servers is hiding your network from other external networks and make it anonymous, thus protecting the network from hackers, spammers and other dangers.
  • Geolocation technology – The proxy servers use this technology to identify the location of visitors, web content is made customizable by the sites and visitors of the sites are directed to the right pages.
  • ISP – Your ISP may place limits on the sites you can visit by setting filters within a proxy to keep your IP address from accessing certain websites. You can also make your web browser to utilize other proxy servers to bypass the ISP proxy.
  • High performance – The proxy servers used to cache earlier downloaded results, thus making faster access to websites and documents.
  • Filter Requests – Proxy servers are used to filter requests or data from other websites. These servers can allow specific hosts to bypass unwanted websites.
  • Load Balancing – Too much load on a specific server will lead to damage to the infrastructure. Therefore, proxy servers are used to balance the load between several HTTP servers.

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