Benefits of using linear slides using porous media

The linear slide is the backbone for managing all high-end materials with linear operations like optical grinding, micromachining, etc. When you are talking of the falls, it is the smooth functioning in the industries. Further, the traditional linear slides produce friction leading to lubrication, wear, and tear, etc. These are the critical things that stop in achieving the required precision. Also, in these cases, it’s best to achieve the levels depending on the potential breakthrough.

Benefits of porous linear slides

The porous media technology is new in the field. Further, it produces still air surrounding when the air is delivered. It helps in removing fiction right between guide and bearing. Likewise, the benefits are:

  1. Providing the improved straightness

Some of the new ways products have in meeting the straightness along with the flatness of five macrons. Besides, the linear slide is evenly distributed for preserving the air that travels on long distances. This goes up to six feet, removing the costly tools.

  1. Providing improved precision

When the fiction is removed, it comes with concerning vibrations along with generating heat. The air that is evenly distributed also provides smooth motion. It helps in solving the stricter fiction coming from traditional systems.

  1. Used for cleanroom environments

All the air bearings are used in cleanroom environments. The porous material has a sub-micron filter that helps in filtering the air around. New products are on the way that supports all the theories.

  1. Reducing maintaining costs

There is no contact between the slide and rail, and there is no lubrication required in so many cases. In this way, the replacement time is also reduced to half.


The new linear air slides are much more helpful than traditional systems. It helps in standardizing the patterns even accurately.