Tips for proper tattoo care

Fresh tattoos require special attention so that they heal quickly and not fade prematurely. There are a few things to consider when taking care of your tattoo. It is important to know what is important in the first days and weeks after the piercing.

Your dream 타투 is finally under your skin. So that you have something of your new tattoo as quickly and as long as possible, the work of art must now be carefully looked after. It is particularly important to take care of the tattoo immediately after tattooing. That is why the tattoo artist will first send you home with a disinfected, creamy and, above all, foil-wrapped tattoo. This film should be removed after three hours at the earliest – but after one day at the latest. The fresh tattoo can then be carefully rinsed off with lukewarm water. If you don’t want to do without cleaning lotion, you should use pH-neutral and skin-friendly soap. Then carefully dab the area with a lint-free towel.

To promote wound healing, Always wash your hands before cleaning and applying lotion to prevent bacteria from getting into the wound. And even if it itches: under no circumstances should you pound on the crust. This not only slows down the healing process, it can also remove color particles.


Care instructions for your everyday life

Depending on the size of your tattoo, it can take anywhere from three weeks to three months to heal. During this time you should stick to the care routine. After a few days, the skin’s own fine protective layer forms. Still, you should still take good care of your tattoo. This also includes avoiding direct sunlight at this point. Swimming pool and sauna visits are taboo, at least for the first 14 days, as chlorinated water and excessive sweating can impair wound healing. Clothing that is too tight can rub against the fresh tattoo. It is better to wear loose clothes and comfortable fabrics for the first few days. Wound and healing ointments from the pharmacy or special tattoo care products are suitable for creaming the new tattoo. If, despite all precautions, swelling, redness or other skin irritations occur, you should consult a doctor. Such symptoms could indicate an allergic reaction or inflammation of the wound.

UV protection: Even months after visiting the studio, it remains important to protect the tattoo from direct UV radiation. This has a negative effect on the color pigments under the skin. So always apply lotion before sunbathing – preferably with a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor.

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Must-Have Dresses come July time

Once the warmth level will increase, you’re about to need AN ensemble that’s tons smarter than a shorts and tee shirt however still delivers a degree of comfort. Dresses square measure the proper answer. Versatile, pretty, cool and appropriate a mess of things. Your closet need to be crammed with easy-to-wear dresses come back Gregorian calendar month first. succeeding dresses square measure believed to be must-haves to be a vicinity of your weather condition set of covering.

bodycon dress

Solitary conspicuous and floor length maxi dresses

For taller ladies, a floor length maxi is hugely complementary, particularly whenever worn during a solitary conspicuous dress color. This very could be a style of dress that’s easy to wear with finishing touches and also the addition of designer jewelry. combine with a wedge heeled shoe for getting dark celebrations or flat ones for comfort, and don’t ditch your make-up.

Best Bodycon Dress for slender girls

Viewed an entire ton on those individuals within the media limelight, the charm of this dress carries on, evident through the number purchased in main street stores across the state. Being conspicuous , a bodycon is AN adventurous , sensual personal preference for women with curves altogether of the proper spots! The tightness of the work can solely be for people who square measure body-self-confident. Slip into a number of high heeled shoes or boots for going resolute social gatherings and clubs on a hot season night or go chilled with a combine of flats for daytime events. Some marvelous Bodycon Dresses are often found at

Stylish Slip Dresses for pleasure trip

This dress is delicate ANd offers a sexy feel and offers an vast quantity of convenience for various things. whether or not you slip it on with some beach front sandals for a summers pleasure trip or slide on some stilettos and designer earrings for touch the spot, the slip dress is ideal for either. you’ll be able to conjointly mix an error dress with any reasonably summer jacket for those moments once sunset once the temperature falls. The slip is that the ideal day to nighttime outfit.

Best Lace Dresses for slender girls

Lace says it all while not very making an attempt. Lace is certainly an aesthetic material that doesn’t need an outsized quantity of further dressing up, delivering its terribly own elegant feeling to no matter occasion it’s. perhaps you wish to travel on top of the knee for a true aestival look and feel or choose gliding joint length for the last word in getting dark appeal? mix an attention-grabbing lip gloss color and high heeled shoes to complete the design.

 The mini Short Dresses for stunning girls

If you’ve got been completing work on it browned look, you would like to decorate yourself during a mini dress to gift to the planet those legs, this can be simply what the mini dress is ideal for. regardless of whether or not you are making ready a girls night-on-the-town or attending a fashionable party, you’ll be able to feel sultry and impudent all at constant time by dressing up during a mini. mini dresses square measure thought of the best choice for petite girls to easily facilitate intensify their legs, creating them seem longer. Taller young girls ought to ne’er be defer , as a mini dress are the simplest chance to flash their pleasant legs during a satisfying and engaging means. Shorter girl positively have a chance to combine the mini with heels for a touch additional height or shoes with a smaller heel for the taller woman.