Concerning the Maintenance of Building Envelope 


The building envelope is a system of interconnected parts. Like other types of systems, the entire unit functions only as the least efficient component. When making improvements, the system should be considered as a whole. If the entire system does not work at maximum efficiency, the air conditioning system inside the building will find a way to escape: unwanted outside air will find a way to get inside.

It is an obvious and well-known fact that ceilings will leak and may require periodic maintenance or replacement.

 Many people do not understand that other elements of the building envelope may be the main culprits for moisture penetration. An important element in determining the source of the problem is the wall system. In order for the wall system to function properly, several factors must be taken into account, including the selection and design of compatible materials and systems, the proper detailing of the material connections and the installation of the clamps and the verification of these parts during construction, the ability to design envelope systems for working in climatic cycles, and proper maintenance qualified and qualified professionals at scem.


The shell of the building is the separation of the internal and external environment of the building. This is an outer covering or elements that include a foundation, walls that include windows and doors, and a roof. Properly designed and built, it will control the heat flow, control the air flow, control the flow of water vapor, control the penetration of rain, control the light, solar radiation and other radiation, control the noise, and control the fire. This will provide strength and rigidity; will be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly economical.