Data Recovery from Portable HDD

The portable hard drive hides “vital” important data, and we pay little attention to it. Imagine that you would suddenly lose all the data on your portable disk. It is a terrible idea, but not at all unreal. The risk is low. How should we take care of discs? What to do in the event of a crash? What are the most common faults to prevent? We will try to find about these questions from portable hard drive data recovery expects who have been engaged for years in data recovery from disk.

What matters to most readers is the question of which brand is the safest and most reliable. There is no clear answer as to which brand is better. It always depends on the particular model. The “disturbing” models have emerged, but today the situation is quite balanced.

Some think that cheaper resource can damage the hard drive. Many are surprised because when you shut down your computer, the drive worked. But at startup, the source may cause an electric shock that will damage the electronics of the disc. Problems can also cause natural disasters such as lightning strikes in power lines, storms or floods.

In terms of mechanical wear, defragmentation is a minor problem, but it helps to increase disk performance. By how often is it appropriate to defragment the disk? If necessary, as often as any data is written. Defragmentation poses a great risk because if the system fails or freezes, the file being processed may be damaged. On the other hand, it checks the status of the disk to prevent an unexpected collapse, and helps us in case of a crash. Defragmented data is easier to reconstruct.

Do not try to read a disc on another computer – if it is physical disk failure, you can only make the situation worse.

If you decide to save data in our business, it is enough to deliver the disk to our address here either personally or by courier service. You do not have to supply a computer, just a hard disk or other media you have problems with. Just wrap it in an antistatic bag, load it with foam and put it in a box.


If you are of the type that values ​​the immediate economy, and you would not suffer from the impact of an interruption in your activities, you may only act in an emergency, that is, you will seek data recovery from portable HD when you experience an equipment failure problem.