Hair Extensions to Help Achieve Rocking Winter Hairstyles

Hair Extensions to Help Achieve Rocking Winter Hairstyles

Winter is a time for bundling up to keep warm and most of us are happy to grow or at least have longer hair to wrap ourselves in. But if you’re not exactly blessed with superb locks, then why not try a new look for the season? hair extensions in fort lauderdale can give you a full head of hair that looks natural and can be styled in any way that suits the rest of your outfit.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss is the main cause of concern for many women (and men) with aging, stress or hereditary factors. It’s common for thinning hair to occur when your hair is exposed to sunlight, harsh chemicals, dyes and weave.

What’s Sexy about Hair Extensions?

┬áThere are no rules when it comes to hair extensions as long as you can pull them off and look just like you used to. The best thing about extensions is that they can match any outfit from lace wedding gowns to casual dresses. Many styles are becoming popular such as fishtails, mini ponytails and cornrows (braided). Adding extensions may require you to make some minor adjustments but don’t let this scare you off. The results are sure to be worth it.

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How to Choose Extensions?

There are many hair extension companies that offer a variety of styles and types of extensions. The first thing you need to do is find out which type of hair you have before choosing an extension brand. For example, if your hair is thin or fine, then you’ll want to choose a tape in style rather than an adhesive glue-on style extension. You can also ask your stylist for their recommendations as well as the type of extension that would suit your needs best. These names can be confusing but once you understand them, it will be effortless for you to make the perfect choice.

Fit Tip:

When choosing a style, keep in mind your face shape, hair type and features. You also want to pick a style that is easy to maintain and one that looks natural. The following are the most popular types of hair extensions at the moment.

Remy Hair Extensions

This tends to be the most expensive but preferred by many. Remy is a French word for ‘from the root’ and this type of hair is cut from the head directly, so it’s less likely to tangle or mat up in knots since it’s gathered from the same source as your own hair. Remy extensions are more expensive than synthetic types because they blend more easily with natural hair and can last longer too.