Health benefits of edible fruit durian

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These durian fruits have many health benefits apart from it they also taste good and many like them. The durian delivery pasir ris is very easy now through online services available. Here are sine benefits of durian fruit.

 Prevents Depression

The benefits of durian fruit for mental health also exist. The durian contains the essential amino acid tryptophan which can increase serotonin levels in the brain. The serotonin hormone can be considered a natural mood stabilizer.  This is what makes serotonin believed to be able to prevent depression, regulate anxiety and other mental problems.

Gives Good Skin

The next benefit of durian fruit is to give us good skin.  Durian consists of more percentage of vitamin C than many other fruits. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties in fighting free radicals. This in return helps in diminishing the chances of hyperpigmentation and creases. Environmental factors such as exposure to cigarette smoke and ultraviolet light also cause free radical damage to the skin.

Maintains Skin Moisture and Firmness

 Another benefit of durian fruit is to keep our skin moisturized. This fruit contains flavonoids that can regenerate dead skin cells so that our skin is kept moist and firm. Women can make durian flesh which is yellow and ripe as the base material for a face mask before going to bed. Use a durian mask 2-3 times a week to get healthy and awake toned skin.

Brighten Skin

The next benefit of durian fruit is to brighten the skin.  Bright skin is the dream of many women in many countries.  One fruit that is useful for brightening the skin is durian. This is because durian contains vitamin C which functions to brighten the skin.

Overcoming Acne

The antioxidants contained in durian fruit are useful for fighting acne-causing bacteria. If routinely perform treatments with this fruit-based ingredient, the acne problem will be resolved.