Housing company or individual trades: which should be at your dedicated contact?

If you decide on a home construction company, you have the least racing. Here you receive all services from a single source and do not have to coordinate the individual trades. Most private construction projects are realised in this way. The alternative to a complete provider is individual companies which carry out the planned construction step by step. Choice, organisation and planning are entirely in your hands and of course with a certain amount of time.

Obtain offers from construction companies

No matter which custom home builders you have chosen, but you should always compare exactly the price-performance ratio. Often this is difficult since the same items are never offered. If one of the companies has a 36er outer wall, then it can only be a 24er for the seemingly cheaper company. Also, the insulation materials, the quality of the exterior plaster and the choice of sanitary ware can vary.

Visit reference objects of the construction company

Homebuilders almost always offer their future clients the opportunity to visit various reference properties. And you should also use these. Take a look at the different family homes that the company has built and contacted the respective homeowners. How satisfied were they with the advice and the construction process and how accommodating were they when problems occurred? Even a reputable construction company can make mistakes – the question is how they deal with it.

Therefore, examine whoever binds forever

Especially in the field of home builders, there are many black sheep. Again and again, you hear that a company has filed for bankruptcy and now the company continues to run on another family member. As an outsider, it’s hard to see behind the scenes – so it’s especially important to tap into all the available sources of information. It may also be possible to obtain information if there are doubts about the solidity of the company.

If you have decided on a home construction company, then do not let yourself be pushed to a quick conclusion of the contract. Insist on reading the deal at home before signing. In any case, a construction contract includes an exact description of the construction and services, information about the standard equipment and precise details of the start and length of the construction period. An agreed-upon construction time guarantee, a completion guarantee and a guarantee prove to be useful.

Conclusion: think big and choose wisely

Building a house is an investment in the future. The search for the right construction partner is indeed not natural. Besides the facts mentioned above, not infrequently also the inner voice decides. If you or your partner has the slightest doubt about the construction company you are considering, you better keep your hands off and spend more time finding another construction company. The conclusion of a contract is, of course, one of the most critical components in building a house. Most construction companies rely on model contracts, and that’s where the problem lies.