How do you know if your restaurant bathroom is clean?

Food and service may seem like the two things that will make the greatest impression on your patrons, but a restaurant’s toilet can also leave a lasting mark – and not always a good one. A restaurant bathroom should always be extra clean, and there should never be any cause for patrons to leave feeling rather dirty.

A study has shown that over a quarter of patrons will leave a restaurant if it has a dirty bathroom, and 75 per cent would never return. The general belief is that a restaurant’s bathroom is a direct indication of how clean the kitchen and cold room is, so it is essential that it is always kept sparkling.

Equip your bathrooms properly

To keep your restaurant’s bathroom clean, you need to ensure that patrons have access to the equipment they need. This means you need to make sure toilet roll stock is always refreshed and that soap and hand towels or dryers are available. If a bathroom is missing any of these items, patrons won’t feel confident that your restaurant is clean.

Keeping it clean and fresh

Despite reports that say some keyboards are far dirtier than a public bathroom, patrons are more likely to judge your establishment on your toilet than your computer setup! Therefore, keeping it light and bright, ensuring that no bulbs are missing and making sure that washrooms smell nice is crucial. A nice air freshener or scent also promotes a feeling of cleanliness, and bright lights show that you have noting to hide in dark corners.

A visible difference

Just as you have staff who keep the cold rooms such as those available at clean, you need to have staff who keep the bathrooms in tip-top shape. Patrons who see staff making an effort are far happier, and even if they have to wait for someone to finish cleaning, they know the bathroom is in a sound hygienic state.

Attention to detail

Chipped tiles, a broken towel rail, and a leaky soap dispenser are all things that make a washroom look less than clean. Conduct regular maintenance checks and make sure that your washrooms are in good condition and that any small niggles are sorted out before they attract negative attention from your patrons.