How to prepare a tasty nasi lemak set?

nasi lemak set

Nasi lemak set seems to be an aromatic rice dish that typically includes coconut cream with pandan stems. Additional traditional foods are now available in modern-day variants of the meal. Rice served with coconut milk is known as lemak. Its fish is crisply cooked to the point that it may be consumed whole. Anchovies have become cooked with roasted peanuts then garnished with small cucumber slices as well as a cooked or poached egg.

Usage of palm leaf

A palm leaf wrapped into such a cylindrical pocket keeps the grain of all of its sauces and main dishes heated.

This dish’s distinctive ingredient is sambal. Food with sweet chili sauce ikan or sambal is just a Malaysian favorite. This sambal is made out of dried chilies, shallots, mustard, with belacan, adding chopped lemongrass incorporated sometimes. This curry sauce has a slightly sweet flavor thanks to the sugarcane and lime.

Don’t overheat

Since this milk can quickly burn if prepared over high heat, its rice is usually steamed. Contemporary cooks have used a slow cooker but also substitute coconut milk for the liquid.

Preparing the paddy completely the evening previously, then introducing the condensed milk with pandan stalks the next morning to finish the cooking temperature, is one of the keys to preparing an excellent nasi lemak set.

This dish is among the most affordable lunches purchased from local supermarkets but also hawker markets. Although many booths serve the food as a whole dinner with most of the fixings, others provide a broad range of main courses that may be supplemented to your order.