Reasons Why Bats Keep Coming on Your House

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Bats are part of the wildlife, and they are great animals that help the ecosystem to balance. But when they start to invade your attic, backyard, or garden, as their home or nursery colony, then that’s the time that time to get rid of them.

For others, it is not appropriate for the bats to live in a human’s sanctuary called “home.” When bats are starting to invade your property, it is necessary to remove them as soon as you can. Why? Because when bats turn your house into their colony, they excrete guano or known as “bat droppings” which can harm any person’s health, gives foul odor, and can be a cause of insect issues. Because of these effects, it is a necessity to have a bat removal elkton va from the property that has been occupied with bats, to control their numbers.

Why Bats Stays in Your House?

Mostly, people tend to ignore some small cracks or gaps on higher properties, but a half-inch crack in your building 30 to 40 feet off the ground can turn into a highway for bats to invade the structure. Since bats are nocturnal, and they are one of the quietest animals in the world, they love to hide in the attics for years. Most people find out that bats have a colony at their attic due to the accumulated bat droppings that caused foul odors.

In some cases, if you caught bats flying inside your home, then probably there are hundreds of bats living at your attic or walls today. Typically, if you found them inside your home, then there’s a huge chance that they enter from any small open windows or doors. However, if you caught them more often, then there’s a possibility that more of them are living inside your house.

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Open Windows

Often, bats mistakenly fly through your open windows when they hunt insects as foods. But it doesn’t mean you have lots of roost near you. But it is often a sign that there is a bat colony residing near your local area and your home is at risk of infestation.

Bats same as other wildlife animals, they are searching for a place where they can feel protected and comfortable. Unluckily, your home is one of their safest sanctuaries. Those bats who love to live inside your attic are called Big Brown and Little Brown Bats.

Big Brown Bats love to reside inside the buildings for years without people noticing it. These type of bats doesn’t leave in a cave or mine during winter, so they are not fungus carrier.

In contrast, Little Brown Bats are famous for living in the attics during spring and summer. These species hibernate during the winter, and sometimes they choose to hide in a cave. But as of now, Little Brown Bats are gone nearly extinct due to the White Nose Syndrome that killed millions of them.