Revoked and Reinstated Driving License

Two-Wheeler or Four-Wheeler operating license is required to move places without the help of public transport. It also saves time and energy. Each and every state in the country has its own specified rules drafted by the Government for obtaining the license. But, maintaining a license is a difficult task. Every day, several cases of traffic violence are being registered everywhere. These instances will be taken care of with due consideration of various other issues. provides much such information related to legal matters.

When is the license revoked?

The driving license is revoked when a person is being charged with the offense more than once, or if it is punishable. Any first-time offender will be left with fine or warning. Whereas, when there are multiple complaints, the consequences will be severe, especially with DUI (Driving under Influence). It is necessary to follow the traffic rules of any place or country, as the rules and punishments may differ and be more severe.

How can it be taken back?

If the driving license is revoked, there are generally two options, either to apply for limited privileges or to reinstate. Reinstating is a long process. In the conditions where there are no other options for transport, the individual is given a permit that allows them to drive only within the routes at some time. At the same time, the license can be restored, if provided with certain proofs to qualify. These may include undertaking alcohol rehabilitation, requesting for a court hearing, or paying fine for reinstatement. This will be completed with a Drivers Licence exam that includes a proper vision test, written, and driving examination. Including the tests and evaluations, there are several paper works involved which might be too heavy to manage.  With the help of consultants, the workload might be reduced, like All these processes can be complicated with the severity of the wrongdoing.

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