Shock kits For Toyota 4Runner, Beats Any Ordinary Shock kits

Schoke kit

The Toyota 4Runner is designed to meet the needs of people who love to wander off roads or drive in rocky areas. It is a compact, mid-size sports vehicle produced by a Japanese company Toyota. This Toyota 4Runner 4wd runs on fuel vapor wheels Nitto ridge grappler 285/65 tires with rough country suspension lift 3”.Always best quality shock absorbers are recommended to absorb and damp shock impulses.  Some of the recommended shock kits for Toyota 4Runner are discussed to help cushion vehicles on uneven roads.


Shocks play a very crucial role when it comes to driving on bumpy roads. If any vehicle lacks quality shocks it is obvious to face difficulties all the time. However, the best shock kits for Toyota 4Runner includes these two:

  • Bilstein shocks
  • KYB shocks

Any shock kits used besides these might not be suitable and can fail to protect the car from jerks. It is always advisable to get the shocks to check once they hit 12000 miles.

KYB kit

With an extended length of 22.32 inches and an approximate weight of 22 pounds, this KYB KIT offers the best shocks for Toyota 4Runner. Since these are manufactured by the Japanese company it helps improving riding quality and stability of the vehicle. It enables the driver to drive the car at full speed on a rough surface and hardly feel any jerks and hence contributes to high shock damping capability. These quality shocks are manufactures in 2 designs.

Schoke kit

  • Twin-tube shocks: This is a two-tube shock absorber. The device holds two cylindrical nested tubes i.e. inner tube/working tube and outer tube/reserve tube. When the shock is under pressure, the valves inside the shock control the flow of hydraulic fluid. This process provides additional protection from any shocks.
  • Monotube shocks: In comparison to twin-tube shocks these have only one chamber. The upper part of the chamber consists of hydraulic fluid and the bottom part contains gas. The gas and fluid don’t mix because of the piston due to which foaming never takes place. This makes monotube better than twin tubes.

Advantages of KYB kit

  • Prevents overheating of shock oil
  • The design of monotube does not allow foaming
  • High damping capability
  • Less expensive

        Disadvantages of KYB kit

  • Hard to install
  • Lifespan is reduced if exposed too much on rough surface.

Thus we can say shock kits for toyota 4runner reviewed by gives protection to car from any jerks and bumps. Also, it is very important to use the recommended shocks only which will offer value for money as they’ll go in the long run without causing any damage to the vehicle and also guarantee the warranty period.