Sketching pictures of the beautiful Rose- a favorite pass time!

Rose is one of the most beautiful creation amongst flowers, and are often the first choice of subject in drawing. Quite often it gets much complicated while drawing rose on paper, here we are going to talk about drawing rose and its various methods.

Hope this article can help and make easy in drawing the Rose flower, let us see how:

The beginning

Rose as a flower has its own charm, with various colours with various petal and shapes. Well that comes later, first thing first is to start with a pencil drawings of roses.  It is important to get a clear idea of the flower and the drawing in the beginning should be as light as possible as mistakes are bound to happen, which can be erased easily.

Exploring while drawing

There various angles which can be explored when it comes to drawing. Let us explore drawing rose in detail with this post .The outline of the rose is done, than the shape automatically comes in being, with petals, that emerge from the inside and the outside with curves and textures are important to represent when it comes to drawings of roses, such minutes details with stem and thorns and leaves across the stems swirling its way to the beautiful representation of rose makes it as realistic as it can.

Perfection can be achieved with many attempts of practise and efforts it is not an easy thing to learn how to draw overnight, for an artist or a rookie who simply loves to drawn and sketch pictures. Drawing freehand can be very easy for few and quite difficult for some, it depends on the how good one can be on paper, which can be understood once we start drawing actually.

Flowers are one such things that can brighten anybody’s day, it is hard to dislike flowers. They are most easy to draw too.

There are many books for learning how to draw for beginners and for the ones who have flair in drawing that can be found easily in any stationery shops. These books give a clear idea of how to drawn as they have dots that can be joined to get the hand ready for drawing freehand on paper. Apart from that there are websites online that can have drawing tutorials to guide from the most easy to the ultra-difficult and intermediate level of drawings of all kinds.