Smart Tips for Planning a Riding Safari

A truly enthralling experience has yet again caught the fancy of the holidaymakers. It is the delightful horse riding. A riding safari would be offering rides that extend over four to five days and the greatest attraction is the camping on the way to the destination. Many of you love horses and are excited at the very idea of the galloping delights; horse safari is the best thing for you to explore the wilderness. This exciting equestrian activity provides you with a golden opportunity to visit places that cannot be explored by a motor or a plane. Here are a few effective tips for planning a riding safari.

Plan in Advance

You may be planning to join a precise riding safari, or maybe you are a part of a group that desires to travel together. The top riding safari groups would be taking just a few riders together at a time. Most flights and safari ride dates are finalized about a year in advance. If you start planning so much in advance, you would be able to go on the trip you have been wanting to.Even the flights would tend to be not so costly.

Produce a List

You must create a list of your riding safari vacation priorities. Then you could plan accordingly to surpass all your aspirations and to get a perfect match to the right riding safari. You could get your riding safari holiday custom tailored as per your unique requirements. Just keep in mind that it is certainly not a standard vacation.To know more in detail about the horses, learn more about Monmouth Park Picks.

Talk to the Safari Expert, Pick his Brain

You should be doing all the talking initially, and telling them whatever information you have gathered. After this, let them come up with some questions. Some might be able to make a number of suggestions over the phone; others would have to think for a while and revert in an email with useful links and resources. Once they have sent you an itinerary, you can talk to them about the parts you don’t like, or other amendments, so that they can customize it and come up with the dream riding holiday for you.

Face-to-Face, Email, or Phone

The days of talking to an agent and then waiting a few days for them to send you a brochure by post are long gone. Now, the entire process has been reduced to a matter of minutes- you can chat over the phone to discuss the basics, and the agent would send you an email with the necessary information immediately after. They are in touch with a number of riding operators and will be more than happy to set you up for your ideal vacation.


You must follow all the tips discussed above if you are thinking in terms of a riding safari holiday. Get the real fun of riding your horse and experiencing a never before enjoyment. You must send your itinerary to a few people via the email. Stay in touch with home while you are enjoying in the wilderness. If ever you are in trouble, your folks would come at once to your rescue.

Author Bio: Peter Reynolds is a wildlife photographer with an intense love for wildlife photography and is pretty excited about his amazing experiences in the wilderness. He has a wonderful fan base.