Some of the core duties of a company secretary

Why does a company need a secretary

Even though there are no legislatory duties available for any company secretary, it is essential for anybody who is holding this position to satisfy some of the responsibilities they are accustomed to. If you are an owner of a specific company, then make sure you hire one to manage all the necessities you will be having by recruiting through an interview or any similar processes. If you think that you will be struggling with the specific process, then try to find a best one from company secretary service which has a huge pool of resources that will do the best for the salary that will be paid for them.

Read below to know what are all the core duties of a company secretary in this article. They are as follows,

  • Keeping the records and status books of the whole company is essential which has to be maintained in a proper way. This will be a difficult and very time consuming task to maintain all these but a company secretary would do it with ease. If this is not going to be followed, then the company will be put to penalty to pay huge some of money upto 5000 dollars.
  • For any company, the more directors of the company are important, equally the shareholders are also important. The role of any company secretary between these two people is that they arrange the meetings whenever necessary.
  • Filing the annual returns, accounts, reports from the directors and auditors on what actually happened with the specific company financially will be done effectively. Any kind of changes in the company including capital share, resignations and appointments of the resources and directors will be noted. Almost all the legal matters will be handled by this specific person effectively when hired from company secretary service.