SONY-the Rise

We all are familiar with the brand name of SONY. It is one of those multi-nationals Electronics Company whose market Cap is 40.4+ Billion USD (As of may 2017). Founded in 1946, this company has its origin from Japan.  Sony started its business by its commercially produced transistor Radio!.

The company then dramatically upgraded into new businesses by launching SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT(Film), SONY LIFE(Insurance), Sony bank(banking).

Now, the company is ruling on the television market, from those 14’ LCD screens to 55’ 4K OLED screen, Sony has got all.

Maintaining the reputation of #23 on Top Regarded Companies (According to Forbes), this company was the first Japanese company to offer shares in the U.S. Although, Sony is gaining all this was not a cakewalk for the company. In the mid-20’s the company struggled to exist, critics even said that their brand name is now fading, As Chinese companies are coming to power.

However, when it comes to the product quality there are not many companies on the same level as of Sony.

The history of Sony, in the television industry

It was not until 1968, that the company announced an aperture grille cathode ray tube (for TV’s) and computer screens under the name of “Trinitron”. Unfortunately, Sony sold the Trinitron only for Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA and china.  The last Trinitron based television set was discontinued in USA in early 2007. On 2005, Sony started producing and selling LCD TV sets, under the brand name of “LCD WEGA”. Further, they introduced “BRAVIA” in the category of high-definition LCD TV’s, projection televisions. Sony is currently the 3rd largest producer of television in the world. As of 2012, the company reported that its television business has been unprofitable for the last 8 years.

The New generation of Sony TV’s

As of now, Sony’s latest LED model is quoted as “A1 | OLED | 4K Ultra HD | High Dynamic Range(HDR) | Smart TV (Android TV™)”. This television has features like voice remote control, 4k HDR processor X1 extreme (the one of its kind) packed with acoustic surface technology. The company promises that this TV. Will give people the true essence of 4k viewing, perfect for home theatre!

Currently, its price in Indian markets in 304,900 INR (Including GST), which is expected to be lowered in the coming times, as of the entry of Chinese brands such as XIAOMI on Indian markets! Whatever company dominates the market, one thing is for sure. That the consumer will be benefitted in all scenarios!