Special Maintenance Tips for High Mileage Cars

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It is commonlysaid that a car that is going to cover 100,000 miles is most likely going to get at the end of its life, but there are many cars we see on the road that has crossed that margin long back and still going strong. These are high mileage cars that are built with much stronger body and mechanisms that can perform longer than the rest of the lot. If you are an owner of such a high mileage vehicle and want to continue your good luck for the coming years as well, you need a special maintenance, that are beyond the regular ones.If you want your car to run as smooth as now even after the odometer hits 200,000 miles, you need to follow the basic maintenance strategies, as suggested by the experts who manage the Chevrolet service near Hayden.

Sincere Efforts

Chevrolet service near Hayden

The best way to keep your high-mileage car in good shape so that it can run strong on the road even for the coming years, is to stay at the top of routine maintenance, without fail. It is your sincere efforts to keep your car’s health, that will reflect directly in its performance. If you obey the manufacturer’s recommendation on the maintenance schedules, and never miss a session, your car will return the favor in terms of performance that will make you happy at the end of the day.

The Course of Maintenance

The regular maintenance schedule as directed by your manufacture will include regular changing of the car fluids as well as the filters, proper inflation and rotation of the tires and on demand repair work as the situation indicates, like replacing the timing belt, the brake pad, etc.

Recommended Intervals

The required intervals between the maintenance and service schedules are no mystery today. They will be typically listed down in the owner’s manual itself. But to put an average mark, it will be usually due after crossing every 120,000 miles.

Occasions to Consider

Even after following the regular maintenance schedule, we can’t say, if your car meets some emergency situation where a repair work should fall in place. it could be a strange, unusual smell, some unknown noise or the constant illumination of the check engine light on the dashboard that can be indicative of an internal issue, you should never ignore.

Chevrolet service near Hayden

Drive Diligently

Driving is passion for many. And when the car asks for lesser fuel, it becomes hard for many to control the adrenaline rush and not to be aggressive on roads. But if you want to continue the joyrides your existing car gifts you, then you have to compromise on those maddening drives. Try to avoid aggressive driving habits like rapid acceleratingor decelerating, hard braking that can bring untimely wearing of your car parts.

The team of mechanics at the Chevy service near Hayden said, even though the modern day cars are built to last longer, to run higher miles in lesser fuel, they too will require routine maintenance that should be in tune with gentle driving habits. All this will help the car keep running smoothly for years together.