Structured vs. Unstructured Caps & Flexfit Popular Wholesale Caps

Wholesale blank caps are categorized as structured or unstructured. Do you know: What’s the difference between these two caps? If you do not know about it, you will know it once you finish reading this post. It is the crown of a baseball cap with buckram or stiff fabric behind the front two panels of the crown that gives it a structured look; thus, such cap is termed as a structured cap. Conversely, an unstructured cap has no extra support behind its two front panels and is identical entirely around the crown. It is the main difference between structured and unstructured caps. Both structured and unstructured Flexfit wholesale caps are popular in the U.S.A. (United States of America), a headwear brand known for its top-notch blank caps.

Let us have a look at two popular Flexfit structured wholesale caps:

  1. Flexfit 6277: It is one of the best-structured caps (hats) by the trustworthy headwear brand, Flexfit. Flexfit 6277 features a stiffer and supportive fabric while giving you a pleasant feeling. This cap does not lose its shape once crumpled because it is structured. With this unique and highly appealing cap, you can express your love for America’s second most popular game, baseball.
  1. Flexfit 6533: Flexfit 6533 is another trendy wholesale cap among men and women in America. It does not lose its shape as a structured cap, no matter how many times you bent it. It is a lightweight cap, and it also resists wind and water while granting you comfort and breathability.

Now let us see four more differences between structured and unstructured caps:

  1. The Shape: Once you take away a structured cap from your head and put it on a desk, a structured cap will keep looking the same as before. On the other hand, once you do the same with an unstructured cap, it will collapse a bit.
  1. The Profile: Hat profile can also aid you in determining whether the cap is structured or unstructured. High-profile caps are always categorized as structured hats. Even the bulk of moisture-wicking caps are structured. Nonetheless, the majority of low-profile caps are unstructured and made of cotton.
  1. The Panels: Both five or 6-panel baseball hats can be classified as structured or unstructured; however, most 5-panel caps are structured.


  1. The Purpose: Structured caps are more polished and ideal for teams or uniforms. On the other hand, unstructured caps are casual.



Hopefully, you are now clear about the difference between structured and unstructured caps. Flexfit wholesale caps are trendy in the U.S.A when it comes to choosing structured or unstructured caps. The following are some differences between structured and unstructured baseball caps:

  1. Structured caps are known for retaining their shapes once crumpled; the case is not the same with unstructured hats.
  2. High-profile caps are usually structured, and low profile hats are typically unstructured.
  3. Most 5-panel caps are categorized as structured.
  4. Structured caps are formal, and unstructured caps are usually casual.

Briefly, both the structured and unstructured baseball caps are admired by baseball fans based on their needs.