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Coffee Cup Sleeves: To Sleeve or Not To Sleeve?

Coffee is a kind of drink, which is mainly drunk hot. Many people consider this drink to be like an energy drink, which wakes them up and gives them the energy to start the day. So it’s no surprise that there are currently millions of coffee shops in the world providing a delicious cup of coffee to their customers. And many people stop by their favorite coffee shops to order their drinks on the go, which means coffee shop owners need to provide complete coffee accessories for their customers to use and enjoy.

One of the main take-out accessories you must have is custom cup sleeves. These are put around the coffee cup to prevent your fingers from being burned due to the hot coffee. It has many other benefits, which you need to find out here. So if you aren’t using hot cup sleeves for your hot take-out drinks, you’ll need to know more about its benefits here.

An Effective Form of Advertising

One of the main reasons why you should use hot cup sleeves is that it acts as a form of advertising. You can use the coffee sleeves to put your logo or the name of your coffee shop on it. So if your customers post your coffee cup on the internet, their friends and followers will see the post and will want to drink your coffee too. It can increase brand awareness, and your customers act as walking advertisements that can spread the word for you unknowingly and for free!

Coffee Cup Sleeves: To Sleeve or Not To Sleeve?


Cup Sleeves are Ideal for Both Hot & Cold Drinks

One of the main reasons you’ll want to use cup sleeves for your take-out drinks is that the cardboard or paper material is ideal for hot and cold beverages. Some take-out cups are made of very thin and flimsy materials, making the take-out cup melt in cold drinks. But if you use a cup sleeve for your drinks, it can resist the humidity. So your drinks won’t affect your take-out accessories and make them melt or get wet due to the change in temperature.

Recyclable & Environmentally Friendly

If you’re a sustainable coffee shop and want to help the environment, hot coffee cup sleeves are a great option. Since these are made out of recyclable materials, you won’t have to worry about them destroying the environment. These can be collected and made into pulps. After that, they can be made into new products. They are also biodegradable, which is why they’re considered as one of the cleanest products. Overall, they have a non-toxic element, making them perfect for recycling.