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Creative Ways To Personalise Your Outfit

In the modern world, where we live under the dictates of the big fashion companies, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate when it comes to dressing. Everyone wants to achieve a personalisation look in their outfit. While creating and designing your new wardrobe you must bear in mind that not everything goes for selecting how to decorate your clothes since you should always seek that the result is the more beautiful and attractive the better. Here are some tips so you can personalise your clothes in style.

Use patches

Without a doubt one of the best options to give a new life and personal touch to your old clothes. You do not have to buy patches to use but you can also use different pieces of fabric that you like, for example, and sew them to your shirts, your jeans or your jackets to get the desired look.

Decorate your clothes

Another way to personalise your clothes is by painting them as you prefer. A good option is to select white or plain basic colour shirts and add colours, messages, motifs, drawings. Imagination will be your only limit to create original and stylish clothes. If you are good at drawing you can create different designs on fabric and then sew them to your clothes or if you dare you can paint directly on your shirts or jeans. Striped shirts decorated with flower motifs are a good example of stylish customisation.

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Add personalise accessory

Felt or embroidery appliqués are a very good option that will give a different touch to your clothes. Without a doubt they will be original because only you will be responsible for their design. You can also make use of pin badges to give an easy personalised look to your clothes.  You can also make very interesting shirts by adding zippers or buttons that will add a chic touch to your clothes.

Tear your clothes

Undoubtedly, a striking, original and at the same time very stylish styling will be giving a “new life”  and “personal touch” to your clothes by tearing or cutting them. For example you can turn your favourite jeans into nice frayed shorts or make holes in some shirts and turn them into modern tops for the summer. Got the idea!

And finally, a totally different way to personalise your clothes with a lot of style is to transform your clothes by following different tutorials that you can find on the Internet.