Vehicle Software Yourself

Will the Experts Advise you to Update your Vehicle Software Yourself?

The usage of smartphone and computer in cars is a phenomenon that is dominating the automotive industry at this moment. The reasons are pretty obvious. It is an integrated mechanism that is helping the drivers across the globe to attain more road safety, while the passengers are finding the road trips more comfortable, convenient and entertaining.

The recent day cars are equipped with an infotainment system that runs on a software integrated with smartphone technology and other computer applications. Like always update is mandatory even for these kinds of automotive software. But most of the times, these updates are done from the side of the manufacturer, and because of this, many car users are in a quandary, if they can install the update of their own, or should tick on the automatic downloading of updates as and when they become available.

One of the experienced technical experts who serves at the Lexington Chevrolet, had a clear cut answer to this question. And his reply was in affirmative. But he had the following points in the support of his answer.

Vehicle Software Yourself

Why Updates are Always Good

Software updates are always issued by the vehicle manufacturers in a regular interval for various reasons. These updates are necessary to rectify the bugs, make improvement to the safety and overall vehicle performance. Without updates, the automotive software won’t be able to add new features or protect the software against the recently generated vulnerabilities allowing hackers to gain easy access to the concerned vehicle software and take control of the vehicle systems. These software updates shouldn’t be considered as mere cosmetic features but should be listed among the “must haves” to make the car features function properly.

The recent day car computer that runs with the help of a particular software is also responsible for  summoning roadside assistance if the vehicle gets trapped in any collision, breakdown or a flat tire. It works when air bag deployment gets detected, or when the braking is applied autonomously to prevent a probable collision. It is the software that initiate the process of alerting the drivers in several threatening situations. Without updates, all these functionalities won’t be able to perform the way they should.

Installing the Latest Software Updates

Though the current trend for vehicle software updates is that they can get automatically downloaded and are installed directly into the vehicle without anyaction taken from the driver’s side. But if for any reason your car software missed any update like because of connectivity issues and the like, as a user you can always check on the updates and perform it manually.

 Software Updates Included Under Maintenance Plan

Today, your vehicle maintenance schedule will automatically include vehicle software updates and it will be installed automatically.

As rightly said by the team of technical experts at the Lexington Chevrolet dealership, with the increasing dependence and integrity with computer powered systems running in the automotive industry, these updates will be more and more necessary to run every department of a vehicle starting from its engine performance to finding the best route to the destination.