The Importance of Color Accessibility on Web Design

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It is important to remember that color plays a powerful role not only in influencing people’s feelings but in making sure your website is more effective. By utilizing the psychology of color, you can build your brand, increase sales, and even guide visitors to specific websites. People have been shown to decide whether they like a product within 90 seconds or less, and 90 percent of that decision is determined by color and click to read more. Color has also been shown to boost brand recognition by 80 percent.

Web design psychology of color

There’s no coincidence that so many popular social networking sites and tech brands have blue logos, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that blue is the right color for your website. If, however, you think that blue is the perfect color for your website, do not forget to take into consideration other colors you may want to use with it, then click to read more. As a web designer, you should understand how colors affect people to ensure that your website’s colors work for you rather than against you.

Red and its Psychology

People sensitive to red color experience increased heart rate and faster breathing. Red is associated with passion, excitement, love, and energy, although it also has negative associations such as war, violence, fire, anger, and danger.

  • How and when to use red – In marketing and advertising, sports, emergency services, and health care, red can be used to draw attention and create excitement. Red is a good color for food, fashion, entertainment, and sports.
  • Whenever you should avoid red – There are some instances when red might not be appropriate, such as luxury goods, nature-related content, or professional websites/services. Just make sure you use it sparingly!

Yellow and its Psychology

Certain negative associations are associated with yellow, including cowardice, deception, and cheapness. Yellow is the brightest color.

  • Yellow when to use it – If you want to energize people or create a sense of happiness, use bright yellow. If you want a calmer happy feeling, use soft yellow hues. Yellow can be a great color to draw attention to call-to-action buttons and text.
  • Avoiding yellow when possible – Using excessive yellow can be overpowering and strain the eyes. Again, use yellow sparingly. More or the wrong hue can seem cheap and unprofessional.

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Green and its Psychology

Green symbolizes harmony, balance, growth, health, nature, wealth, money, calmness, masculinity, generosity, fertility, strength, peace, harmony, success, and support.

  • The use of green – In science, tourism, medicine, human resources, environment, and sustainability, green is the easiest color to process. It creates a relaxing, calming effect in the eye or represents nature, wealth, and new beginnings.
  • Whenever green should be avoided – A lot of luxury goods, tech, and content geared toward young girls are not appropriate for this channel.