Things to Know before you Choose your Furniture

For an elegant and warm bedroom, solid wood furniture is the most preferred. Indeed, the aesthetic effect is ensured for a timeless decor guaranteed by furniture with traditional lines or more innovative design. Especially since the wood is a robust material that allows the creation of a natural atmosphere much appreciated for the followers of the Scandinavian interior decoration. Log on to for more options.

What Kind of Wood to Choose for the Furniture?

For a modern wooden house interior , the designers offer several models of furniture made in different species such as oak, pine, cherry and beech, not to mention the exotically rust-proof exotic woods such as teak and rosewood that guarantee decorative effects. You would like interesting shades of natural colors, ranging from light wood to darker models. In the bedroom, the bed will be made of solid wood such as rosewood or oak for strength, durability and warmth very appreciated in contact with the wood. Then comes the essentials in the same style as the bed, including bedside tables, dressing table and wardrobe.

Wooden Bedroom: Different Types of Furniture

Rooms are dedicated to rest and relaxation, and the wooden bedroom is reassuring with its natural materials. And if the wood is ideal for a Nordic style, there are different models of wooden furniture to create a room that looks like you.

A Wooden Zen Bedroom

To invite the Zenitude and relaxation in your bedroom equipped with wooden furniture, stick to the essentials and avoid cluttering the room. What’s more, dress your light-wood bed with white or beige sheets, and use a night stand in a darker or tinted wood essence. As decorative accessories, add shades for dim lighting, as well as green plants for a sober natural setting.

The Romanticism of a Wooden Bedroom

Wooden furniture is romantic to the extreme, especially when done in clean lines, or raw wood. In addition, add linen linens, pastel color and conceal the bed frame with a ruffled bedspread, with floral motifs. In addition to the raw wood bed, add dark wood furniture to add poetry to your bedroom: a wooden vanity with a central oval mirror, a driftwood stool, and more. And if you have enough space in the bedroom, put the bed in the center of the room for a romantic effect, or near the window if you have a beautiful view of the garden.

A Small Modern and Pleasant Room to Live

Do you live in a small apartment and lack of space is too much in your bedroom? Choose a solid wood bed with drawers and other built-in compartments for storage. All you have to do is add a mirror on one of the walls to enlarge the room while decorating it. And if the bedroom is open to the bathroom, prefer a long curtain as a separation to optimize the space.