Things to look at When Selecting a Truck-Mounted Attenuator

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For operations with heavy-duty equipment like road construction machinery, you need to use a truck-mounted attenuator for safety. Truck-mounted attenuators absorb the impact in any accident cases which reduces the impact of damages. There isa different type of attenuators available based on their purposes and functions. You need to get the best attenuator based on your requiremnet. There are a lot of attenuator trucks for sale which you can buy or rent for a certain period of time. However, here are some key things which you should evaluate in a truck-mounted attenuator before selecting them.

Attenuator Lengthattenuator trucks for sale

The lengths of truck-mounted attenuators vary from one another. The longer attenuator has a higher capacity for impact absorption. This could also result in more cost for the extra length in size. Thus, you need to consider the speed of oncoming traffic. When working along a roadside, it is advisable to for the longer attenuators as these areas generally have a high speed which would result in higher impact during an accident. Therefore, it is important that you to have something which can absorb most of the impact. On the other hand, if you are working in any residential area or places which have low speed, then a shorter truck-mounted attenuator would be enough.

Hoist System

To assist the attenuators, the host systems are provided. They can either be hydraulic or electric systems. They help the attenuators to move easily between different places on your site. You can choose the perfect hoist system depending on your working surface condition. If you are working on a surface with varying surface conditions, it is better to go for the variable host system. Also, make sure that the variable hoist system which you are choosing is also compatible with the attenuators and the system.

Attenuator Detachability

The easier the detachability of the attenuator becomes, the better it will be for the maneuverability of the attenuator. The basic work of truck-mounted attenuators is to perform only certain functions and thus the detachability of the attenuator should be easy. It limits the truck’s overall weight but enhances the truck’s usability. When the attenuator is off the truck, the truck can be used for hauling other materials in the working site.


Most of the truck-mounted attenuators have warning signs. Choose the attenuator which is easily programmable. Look at the above considerations carefully so that you get the best truck-mounted attenuator with the most value for money.