Things which you should not do after your Amazon Seller Account Suspension

amazon suspension

If your Amazon seller account is suspended, it is because you have broken some of the regulations of Amazon. You can take certain steps in order to reinstate your old account. However, there are certain steps which if you don’t do will be equally beneficial for your cause. Some people do certain things when they find out that their account has been suspended. These things could turn out to be mistakes and could further delay the reinstatement of your original account. Some of the things one should not do in case of amazon account suspension are:

amazon suspensionRushing to submit your first appeal

After your account is suspended, you should not rush into submitting your first appeal. The appeal button is precious and you should not waste it on an ineffective plan of action. The suspension process generally takes days or weeks and in some cases, it could go on for months. Sometimes, some suspensions even require many communications with the seller performance.

Amazon suspends many accounts on a regular basis and the investigators do not take more than a few minutes to review each appeal. This gives you a very little room to make your appeal effective. Thus, it is important that you make the best appeal in the first time itself. The first appeal should be made after careful planning so that it becomes effectiveto appeal when you submit it to the Seller Performance.

Opening a new account

Many of the sellersthink that once their account is suspended. They can make a new account and fool Amazon. They provide a different name along with a different bank account so that no can trace them. However, they do not know that Amazon is wise enough to find out their accounts.

Once their accounts are discovered by Amazon, this damages the appeal process of the first account and causes further delay in the reinstatement. If your new account is linked to the original account, then there is no way by which you can get your original or second account reinstated. This will only result in a waste of your time and would further reduce your chances of getting back your original account. Instead, you should prepare hard on your first appeal and make it effective.


Avoiding such things could be of huge help to you. Most people rush through the entire process without thinking much. You need to remain calm and think of the best way to deal with it.