Tips for Moving House from Clearabee

Moving is a big job and as you pack your home and go through your belongings, you’re bound to find things you don’t want or that are quite simply good for nothing but the rubbish. That’s when calling a rubbish removal company, like Clearabee, is great idea. Of course, rubbish removal is just one of the many tasks that you have to face when you move to a new house. Here’s a list of tasks you might forget about, but that still need to get done.

Organising Storage

Maybe you’re downsizing and along with the items marked for rubbish removal you have some things you don’t want to get rid of. Before moving day, be sure you organise a storage option where you can safely stow those items until you’re ready for them again. Don’t wait too long to do this because you don’t want to end up not having a place before you have to leave your current home. Many places that offer rubbish removal also offer storage solutions.

Getting the Keys

You may have the front door key already, but don’t forget to also get keys for the back door, the shed, the garage, the window, and the gate, plus any other lockable access points. This should be done at closing, but if it gets overlooked, it will be very frustrating to need keys you don’t have or have to replace your locks because you don’t have the keys. That can be inconvenient and costly, but it’s also not safe to locks around your home that you don’t know where the keys are.

Checking Your Old House

Once the rubbish removal company and the movers have left your old home, do a walk through and be sure you’ve taken everything you mean to move. Look in all the closets, the basement, all the cabinets, under the sinks, in the attic, and in any crawl spaces that are in your home. Once you’ve turned over your keys, anything left behind technically becomes the property of the new owners, so be sure you’ve cleared it all out before you drive away for the last time.

Change of Address Form

Sure, your friends, family and the utility companies know you’re moving, but you should also make sure the mail service knows. This way your mail can be forwarded to your new home, so you don’t miss anything important. It’s also a good idea to contact your insurance companies, your doctor’s office, your children’s school, and other important places and give them your new address so that correspondence is lost and to ensure that it doesn’t get to you too late.

Pack a Moving Box

When you get to your new house, there are some things you’re going to need right away. Packing all of these items into one box that is the first off the removal van is a good way to make the move smoother. That box should contain toilet paper, paper towels, dishes, cleaning supplies, and sheets for the beds. You also want to include towels, pet care items, and other items you’re going to want to have handy.

Get Help

You’re definitely not going to want to forget to get some help lined up to help you unpack and get organised in your new house. Many moving companies can help with this job, but you can also enlist family and friends so that you aren’t stuck doing all the work on your own.

Forgetting certain tasks can make moving house more of a chore but keeping yourself organised and on track means a smooth and efficient move, no matter how far you’re going. With this in mind, moving day doesn’t have to be that bad – you might even enjoy it. Well, maybe not. But at least you won’t hate it.