What makes health care services in Silver Spring, Maryland the best?

health care silver spring maryland

A major renovation has take place throughout Silver Spring at recent time, with addition of job opportunities. Diverse population, hopping downtown and convenient infrastructure help make Silver Spring a great place. What makes health care Silver Spring maryland distinct is that Maryland’s hospitals operate under a new contract with the federal government; the All-payer model is a novel idea where improvements hospitals have made can be expanded to all health care providers.  The total-cost of care model builds on the work of the All-payer model. The entire Health care in Silver Spring Maryland for the past five years has been able to achieve a milestone in ensuring that patients receive the right care, at the right time, in right setting, for this non-hospital care providers are brought under the All-payer model. Rather than focusing on how hospitals alone function to provide treatment and care, home health providers and others will be incentivized to improve the overall societal health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and other disorders. The Maryland model is very novel of sort and for decades hospital rates have been regulated by an independent state body, which means private, self-care, commercial, Medicare, Medicaid – are charged the same rate for the same service at the same hospital.

health care silver spring maryland

The significant improvements made in the field of health care in Silver Spring

  • The new model called all payer models resulted in great success. The cost of hospital care has come down under the objective of the model.
  • The model has saved millions of money for the federal Medicare program on hospital care
  • Readmission rates are important indicator for quality measure, health care silver spring maryland readmission rates are down by 8.5 percent, which is below the national average.
  • Another substantial indicator is hospital-acquired infections and complications, it is found the under the model hospitals attention to safety has increased 53 percent.


Maryland currently runs the country’s only all-payer hospital rate setting system. The cost of hospital admission has plummeted and financial stability of the state’s hospital has greatly improved. Therefore, it is safe to say health care in Silver Spring, Maryland provides the best health care services in the USA.