SMS marketing strategies to increase user engagement

If you are opting to use texting for SMBs to grab customers then you should follow some simple and effective tips. It is a fast and tested way that can be used even by beginners.

  1. The focus should be on the list: while sending SMS messages you should focus on growing your list of subscribers. The engagement rate for the text message is over 90%. You should send an offer to a person and get his incentive to send promotional content to them. This can be done using a short code and keyword. Do not choose keywords that would be auto-corrected in the phone messages.
  2. Provide promotions and offers that are exclusive: after people are subscribing to your business you should continue the engagement with promotions exclusively designed for them. You should set SMS marketing as your priority because of its high engagement rates. This will keep their interest continued and they will remain subscribed. Treat them like your VIP customers.
  3. Stick to the cadence after choosing it: the text message cadence would depend upon the type of business you have. Choose the rate which suits your customers and business and stick to it. Fluctuations in the frequency of texts would lead to people unsubscribing.

  1. Call to action: SMS should not be just sent for the sake of messaging. Make sure that it provides some value to the receiver. So it is important to have a call to action present in the messages. Mention clearly what you expect your contacts to do and how they should be doing it. Use a link shortener and simple keywords for this purpose.
  2. Analyze user behavior and iterate: while some practices work for most businesses, you should check analytics to see the market response of your campaigns. The platform you use for text marketing should give you analytics and reporting tools to know the trends and determine your further strategy for text message marketing.

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