How to choose a good hotel to stay

One of the important parts, if not the most, of the trips is the lodging, normally this represents 50% or more of your spending and can make your stay unforgettable, in a good or bad way.

Myself I have stay in Muscat hotels additional number of hotels and hostels than I remember, from super luxurious places to others that I would like to forget, that’s why I wrote this article that will help you know how to choose a good hotel to stay.

The first  object to know how to decide a  high-quality hotel is to describe: What do you  desire?

The first thing you should know is that in life there is nothing free, and most things that are cheap usually cost it to other things. For example, the cheapest hotels will usually be on the outskirts of the city, maybe they are not so clean or do not have all the services you need.

 Having said that, you have to be aware that you are willing to sacrifice in comfort to find a cheap hotel. This does not mean that you really have to sacrifice it, but at least be aware that you may have to do it.


The cheapest hotels will normally be located in the most remote places of the tourist area, in small cities this may not make a difference but in large cities, where moving represents a one way trip of 2 or 3 hours plus another 2 or 3 hours of come back, maybe it’s not so convenient.